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Salon Hours

Monday10am - 6pm
Tuesday1pm - 7pm
Wednesday10am - 6pm
Thursday1pm - 7pm
Friday10am - 6pm
Saturday10am - 2pm
Monday 10am-6pm, Tuesday and Thursday 8-11am by appointment only in Jonesboro

Hair Care - Services


Simplicity Hair extentions. Beautiful, natural hair extensions.

Month Special for Long Hair Women - $25.00 (shampoo, condition, style cut and blow dry)

Month Special for Men - $10.00 (shampoo, condition, style cut and blow dry)

Month Special for Short Womens Hair Cut - $20.00

shampoo, condition, style cut and blow dry.

Young Ladies cut 13-18 yrs - $20.00 and up (30-45 min)

Includes wash, cond, cut and blow dry. Extra charge for curling or flat iron.

Young Mens cut 13-18 yrs - $15.00 (30-40 min)

Children’s Cut 5 years and under - $5.00 and up (20 + min)

A hair cut just for the little ones. Shampoo and style extra charge

Girl Short Cut 6-12 yrs - $10.00 (30-35 min)

Includes shampoo, cut and blow dry. Extra charge for curling.

Boys 6-12yrs - $10.00 (25-30 min)

Girls Long Cut 6 - 12 years - $15.00 (30-40 min)

Includes shampoo, cut and dry. Extra charge for styling.

Bang Trim - $5.00 and up (10 + min)

A quick trim for bangs that are getting a little too long. Read More...

Men’s Design Cut - $20.00 and up (30 + min)

includes shampoo, conditioner, cut and style

Beard Grooming - $8.00 w/hair cut or $15.00 and up beard alone (15 + min)

Trim away stray hairs, condition your beard and polish your appearance. Read More...

Shampoo, Blow Dry and Style - $20.00 and up (30 + min)

Perfect for a night out, a big job interview or your weekly personal care. Read More...

Women’s Design Cut - $30.00 and up (40+ min)

Includes shampoo, conditioner, cut and style

Full Wave - $55.00 and up (2 hours +)

Texture Fushion for gorgeous waves that add just volume or any one of Scruples Perms for as much curl as you desire to help your style. Read More...

Corrective Color - Price quoted on consultation. (15 min free consultation )

Corrective color prices explained during consultation.

Intensive Deep Conditioners/ Treatments - $10.00 + up (5 + min)

Deep conditioning that is a great add-on to any hair service. Read More...

Blazing Highlights - $50.00 and up (60 + min)

Blazing is Scruples unique high light system. Frame your face or brighten your all over look and update your style. Read More...

Blazing Lowlights - $50.00 and up or $less as an add on w/ other color &/or HL (60 + min)

Scruples Blazing Low light System is a unique one step process to deposit color to peviously lightened hair or to add depth to your hair. Read More...

Scruples One Step Color - $45.00 and up (60 + min)

Scruples High Definition Hair Color Gels or True Integrity Opalesence Hair Color will be used in one easy step and one beautiful colour. Read More...

Scalp Treatment - $10.00 (15 + min)

A gentle treatment for your scalp.

Scruples Staining/Glossing/Overlay

Scruples has Demi-permanent colors and toners using High Definition Gels or True Integrity or our nonammonia color known as Color Art. Read More...

Two Step Color - Start at $65.00 (60 + min)

Two quick steps and you have beautiful, multi-faceted colour. Read More...

Wedding Style/Updo - $65.00 and up (60 + min)

Hair style for weddings includes 1 practice session.